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Expert Truck Repairs prioritizes your journey by delivering top-notch maintenance and repairs for peak truck performance.

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Trusted Truck Repair in Edmonton,Alberta

JBR INC Truck Repair isn’t your average service center. Our experienced mechanics prioritize quality workmanship, ensuring your truck runs smoothly and safely. We’re dedicated to earning your trust by:

Honest repairs

We follow manufacturer recommendations to protect your warranty and avoid unnecessary fixes.


Unwavering commitment

We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, exceeding customer expectations.

No gimmicks, just expertise. We don’t believe in inflated service packages or fabricated inspections. At JBR INC Truck Repair, we focus on what truly matters: keeping your truck on the road with meticulous care and a transparent approach.Looking for a reliable and trustworthy truck repair shop? Look no further than JBR INC Truck Repair.

Our Services

Reliable On-Road Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair Services

JBR INC TRUCK REPAIR delivers the most reliable and efficient on-road emergency repair services for trucks and trailers. Our mobile repair team ensures fleets and owner-operators receive swift assistance directly at the point of breakdown.

Skilled Professionals Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

JBR INC TRUCK REPAIR is a family-owned, progressive heavy-duty truck and trailer repair business serving the Lower Mainland region of Alberta, Canada. Since our founding in 2007, we have focused on providing outstanding service rather than competing on price. Through our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and the dedication of our skilled team, JBR INC TRUCK REPAIR has become a trusted name in the heavy truck repair and recovery industry. Our reputation as one of Alberta’s most reliable full-service truck and trailer repair facilities is a testament to our unwavering goal of excellence.